Speaking of Things that Rule: Eat a Pickle by O’2L
March 14, 2015, blog post
“My Dad claims he got it from the O’2L website, but if that was true it is not currently available.  Essentially, this album does not exist.  Which is truly a shame because it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!  It is a rock/jazz/electronica fusion record that consists of 17 tracks that include funky instrumentals, incredible vocal performances from Kelly Keeling and Tommy Farese, and some of the most interestingly arranged covers I have ever heard.”


Jane-sidewalk“Eps 68: Piano Spotlight: Jane Mangini”
On Blog Talk Radio, a 31 minute talk show recorded in 2012 by Aaron Joy on Jane Mangini’s career, including selected jingles produced at Bang Music and a track from Einstein Too.

“Eps 69: Jane Mangini & Al Pitrelli’s O’2L”
On Podbay.fm, a 38 minute talk show recorded in 2012 by Aaron Joy on Jane Mangini’s band O’2L, including performances by several members of TSO.


Artists of Horror: Van Helsing’s Curse
by Kyle Smitchens, October 7, 2012, Guitar Muse
“Legend has it that vocalist Dee Snider had been at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and he pieced together the idea of applying an orchestra to a metal band with reworked Halloween music to much a similar effect. It’s a pretty cut and dry story beyond that, though the gap between Van Helsing’s Curse and Trans-Siberian Orchestra was narrowed substantially when Snider got guitarist Al Pitrelli and pianist Jane Mangini to join the band, both of which are also in Trans-Siberian Orchestra.”


O’2L: Doyle’s Brunch 
By Jim Santella, April 7, 2005, All About Jazz
O2’L’s program of backbeats and hip-hop effects creates an instant impression of energy. It’s not the usual fare, however. They fill the air with impressions of the world around us and deliver the program with tongue in cheek. Musically warm and emotionally light, Doyle’s Brunch brings a lot of fun to the forum.