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by Jane Mangini with special guests

Angus Clark: solo guitar on Gnawing and Rainin

Jon Bivona: solo guitar on Ordinary, New Ride, and Saxtons

Jesse Adam-Lukowsky: guitar opening on Saxtons

Kiku Collins: trumpet on The Dealer

Dave Loughlin: vox on the Dealer

Travis Cown: mad whistler on Saxtons

The Cropdusters (Cindy Loughlin, Tricia Moran, Kathy Morrow McMillan, Patty Morrow Coen, Karen Murray Dumond): backup vox on Naked

Miss Pickle, Smoobird and Travis: non-stop inspiration

Cropdusters in absentia: Susan Moran, Andrea Filone, Linda Tashlik, Leslie Scott, Nanci Winnette

Recorded on Logic Pro X at Moose Lodge and Sweet Pickle Studios, Milford, PA

Beginning of Saxtons recorded at Verdant Studio in Athens, VT
with Rick Berlin and the Nickel and Dime Band, and Pete Weiss.

Mastered by Winston Philip

Guitar samples, rhythm loops and such from Logic Pro X, Heavyocity’s Evolve and Mutations, Joey Kramer drum samples and ancient Bang Music samples.

This recording is dedicated with love to Julie Moran, Cathy Ganzler-O’Reilly, and Charlie Gow.


GUTER HUND (tracks)

gnawing on a bone  

ordinary day     

rainin on my head  

still the same   


new ride  

the glowing (for Cathy)   


saxtons falls   


the dealer   

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All songs by Jane Mangini (Anne and Dick Music) ASCAP

Kattywampus © 2015