Jane Mangini attended Berklee College of Music and played keyboards in the Boston music scene with local bands in the 1980s before she migrated to Bang Music in New York City, where she had a very long and successful run writing/performing award-winning commercial soundtracks and jingles.

Berlin Airlift, 1982

As a member of the Einstein trio with Boston drummer Jonathan Mover and guitar player Stan Jankowski, she played keyboards and covered the bass parts on Einstein Won (1995) and Einstein Too (2001). Jonathan crowned Jane “the goddess of poly rhythmic playing.”

In 2002, she joined Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a featured band member on stage, as well as on their albums The Lost Christmas Eve (2004) and Night Castle (2009), which includes two tracks she co-wrote, “Tracers” and CD bonus track “Flight of Cassandra.”

Einstein, 1995

2003 was a busy year for Jane. She played keyboards on Oculus Infernum — a Halloween Tale (2003) by Van Helsing’s Curse, a side project of Twisted Sister lead singer, Dee Snider, and she performed on Joe Lynn Turner‘s eighth solo album, JLT (2003). Also that year she collaborated with TSO guitarist, Al Pitrelli, to start a new band called O’2L (pronounced O’Toole), which put out its first album that year featuring 13 songs written and arranged by Jane.

In 2005, O’2L released the acclaimed Doyle’s Brunch album, written, performed, produced and mixed by Jane.

Her stack with Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Flash forward to Jane’s next performance collaboration, Guter Hund released in 2015, including 11 tracks written, arranged, and produced by Jane, and featuring special guests Angus Clark, Jon Bivona, Jesse Adam-Lukowsky, Kiku Collins, Dave Loughlin, Travis Cown, The Cropdusters (Cindy Loughlin, Tricia Moran, Kathy Morrow McMillan, Patty Morrow Coen, Karen Murray Dumond), Rick Berlin and the Nickel and Dime Band, and Pete Weiss.

The following year, 2016, she wrote and produced another Guter Hund album, this one titled Irische Frau, a playful collaboration with friends, featuring extraordinary performances and Jane’s fierce fingers.

Before O’2L disbanded, in 2007 they recorded an album called Eat a Pickle, their homage to the third album by the Allman Brothers Band titled Eat a Peach (1972). September 2020 Eat a Pickle will be available upon request as a CD for $15 sent by email to via PayPal.